Real-Joy-LOGO-color2The JCC youth ministry began about 7 years ago. The JCC leadership felt it was important to help teens grow in their walk with God. Now, while they are young, is the time for teens to see how God can work in their lives. They shouldn’t have to wait until they are adults to learn these vital life-lessons only to wish later, after they’re grown, that they could have gotten a hold of some of these principles at an earlier age. Under the leadership of Pastors Caleb & Shayna Bialik the Teens take part in

  • Tuesday evening worship and Bible study  7 PM at the Parachutes club on Lake Otis
  • Fun games and activities
  • Outside ministry to nursing homes, Covenant House, and a variety of other locations
  • Sunday morning Bible class at 10:30 AM
  • Fund raising activities to raise money for Teen activities and Speed the Light

Upcoming Events – Access invitations and permission slips on the Publications page of the  blog for these events. Permission slips are needed for all off campus JCC Teen events.  Call 349-0255 or email for more information.

Coming up next for Teens

Teens are raising money to attend Winter Camp in February 22nd-24th. The cost is $85. If you would like to attend contact us at 349-0255. The Teens will be holding a spaghetti lunch fundraiser Sunday, February 18th after church.


Support Speed the Light through the upcoming Teen Pie Auction Wednesday, November 22nd at 7 PM.



JCC's Teens had a great time at this year's Youth Convention as well as their Wednesday nights at Parachutes.

The Teens had a great time at this year's Little Beaver Summer Camp. They also spent time hiking and helping with VBS this summer.

Congratulations to our 2017 middle school grads - we're proud of you!

Resurrection Season Teen activities at JCC. The Teens went door to door inviting people to the Good Friday and Resurrection/Easter services. They also participated in the Palm Sunday Processional, and attended the Easter play at Anchorage Baptist Temple.

The JCC Teens had a fantastic time at Winter Camp this year.

Teen activities From summer 2016