At first hearing this may sound like an invitation to a fist fight or a game of “trading rocks”. Far from it; it’s the name of one of JCC’s benevolence ministries in our community. It’s one way we can be Jesus’ hands extended to others. It began as a way to bless the homeless population in Anchorage with warm, clean socks during the cold winter months, and has grown over the  years to include other warm weather gear.  This year in addition to socks the JCC family and friends donated coats of all sizes and blankets along with socks,  hats, scarves, etc. Although we are a smaller congregation we were able to provide coats, blankets, socks, hats, and scarves to 14 families in the Anchorage area. In addition the JCC Teens took some socks to the Covenant House, and many of our homeless brothers and sisters received new socks after the pre-service breakfast.

We are beginning our Sock-it-to-me sock drive January 1st. We will collect socks until the 31st of January and then distribute them in early February. Please drop your donations off at 4335 Laurel Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights. Call 349-0255 if you want to set up a different time for a drop off. Thank you!