We’ve dreamed of having a church that combines both loves; God and motorcycles, and the dream has come together in the form of Bikers Life Church (BLC)

Whatever you ride, whatever your station in life, whatever your current standing with God, there’s a place for you at the Bikers’ Life Church. Keep up with us on Facebook as well as here on the webpage.  Check out a montage of some of our best pictures here



Saturday, August 26th Bikers Life Church Warriors held their 3rd annual Ride for the Unborn. The weather was great. 25 riders on 18 bikes took part in the ride which covered different areas around Anchorage. The one and a half hour ride included four stops  to gather together for prayer. Two of the stops were the Crisis Pregnancy Center and Planned Parent Hood. The ride ended at Joy Christian Center for a fantastic taco lunch cooked up by one of our own BLC Warriors, Collette Fry.

Bikers came from Fairbanks, Wasilla, Big Lake and Anchorage to be a part of the ride. Five motorcycle clubs were represented: The Disciples, Black Sheep, Hells Angels, Pavement Pounders and Bikers Life Church Warriors. There were also a few riders not affiliated with a club who joined the group as well. who Those from the BLC group who attended were Collette Fry, Ed Ash, Mike Fields, Porsha Webb, Steve Webb, Ronni Weddleton (Adams) and Marlan Schoenleben.

We are grateful for advertising and support from the local Right to Life and Crisis Pregnancy Center. Thank you to Patrick Martin from Alaska Right to Life who took part in this year’s event and shared about CPC and abortion. We thank God for an opportunity to connect with other bikers and to let other know that abortion has to stop. We are already looking forward to next year. Please pray this year that tiny babies would be saved from death and have a chance to live out their lives.

Hundreds of Bikers from all of the groups in Anchorage and the surrounding areas gathered at the Parkstrip at 9th Avenue on May 6th for the annual citywide Bike Blessing and Gathering. A team of pray-ers spent the day praying a blessing over each bike and rider. Many groups and motorcycle related businesses and organizations had booths. And of course the food carts did a booming business.

Here's what the Warriors have been up to so far this winter season: Valentines Party at JCC joined by the Pavement Pounderz and Disciples, March for Life in the Valley, and a visit with the Mechanized Cavalry also in the Valley.

The Bikers Life Church had the opportunity to be present at the Annual Right to Life Banquet. We were seated at once of the front tables. There was a tasty meal served and then heard from speakers sharing what has been done and can be done to stop Abortion. It was a good feeling to be there and represent the BLC Warriors MM at this event.

It was a great day for our 2nd Annual Ride for Life. We had four participants on bikes and some in cars riding in support of the Unborn. Following our ride through Anchorage we shared a delicious pulled pork lunch cooked up by BLC Warrior Steve Webb. Thank you to everyone who took part in this year's ride. And thank you to Steve for the spectacular lunch.

Here are some pictures from BLC's May 2016 activities.

Despite the late August chill in the air the Bikers suited up and roared down the highway to enjoy fellowship over breakfast in Girdwood. The riding season is winding down, so don’t miss the next few opportunities to ride with us.

We had a great day for our First Annual Ride for Life. Lots of sunshine and warm temps. As the ride through Anchorage progressed we received a lot of positive responses from motorists and pedestrians around town. We finished up the ride by going by Planned Parenthood and encouraging the Right-to-Life sign bearers outside the clinic. After returning to the Joy Christian Center parking lot the group enjoyed a fellowship time over a lunch hot off the grill.